Find Out What the Top Google Search in 2012 Was, Hint: It Wasn't Gangnam Style

Google has put together its year-end lists of top and interesting searches

When it rains it pours, they say. Or maybe it snows this time of year. Twitter officially started the 2012 "review" season, technically Yahoo was first but no one cares about Yahoo, and soon both Google and Facebook followed with their own takes.

Google's Zeitgeist showcases the big events of the year, as seen through Google's lens. But since the world turns to Google for anything and everything, it's safe to say that Google's view on the year is a pretty accurate portrayal of what people cared about in 2012.

The Zeitgeist website is a beast, 838 lists from 55 countries, so make sure to clear your schedule before jumping in. That said, you'll be rewarded with a very interesting view into the collective psyche.

The top searches are obvious, Whitney Houston, Gangnam Style and Hurricane Sandy top the list. It's when you get to the slightly more obscure lists that things get interesting.

The good news is that all the data is going to be packaged as an Android and iPhone app, so you can explore while you're on the go or on your couch as well.

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