Find Out How Pretty Your IP Really Is

You've often wondered, now you can put your insecurities to rest

Do you often wonder how pretty your IP really is? You're not alone, but until now, there has been no real way of knowing it.

Thankfully, London design agency Strange has found a solution to everyone's anguish, you can now know, objectively, just how pretty your IP really is.

It's all rather simple too, all you have to do is visit a page which will "analyze" your IP and display it, part of it anyway, as a group of colors.

The colors you see are RGB representations of your actual IP. The page takes the first three quads of the external IP you're using to arrive at the site and uses them for RGB color codes.

Since both IPv4 addresses and RGB codes can take values from 0 to 255, there's no conversion of any kind, though the last quad is dropped.

Which means that your IP is just as pretty as that of 256 other people. The three other colors are derived from the first one. It's a fun little site and may serve as an inspiration for a color palette, if you're really desperate.

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