Find Out How Much Your Soul Is Worth and Get a Fair Deal for It on Facebook

Soul Compare makes it easy to evaluate your soul and make sure you get the best offer

Selling a soul seems past its heyday, there was a time when it was popular and an easy way of getting what you needed without having to work for it. Nowadays, you can simply go to a bank and get pretty much the same deal on pretty much the same terms.

That doesn't mean the soul-selling business is completely gone, but it does need a bit of a revamp. So what's an aging and somewhat anachronistic industry to do to become relevant in today's world? Why go on Facebook, of course.

Soul Compare is Tom Scott's take on it, the app makes it easy not only to sell your soul, but also get a great deal on it. Too many have sold their souls far below market value simply because they weren't informed.

With Soul Compare, the value of your soul is easily determined based on Facebook activity alone.

The more friends and photos, the more your soul is worth. Too many likes and the value goes down, though. Soul value is measured with the standard Morgan unit, where 1 Morgan is the value of Piers Morgan's soul.

After the appraisal is done, you get a number of offers from supernatural beings interested in your soul, from Cthulhu to Tom Jones.

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