Feedly Turns to Google+ Logins, Plans to Add Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress

Feedly users now need a Google account to log into their accounts

Feedly is moving on from Google’s OAuth authentication service to Google+ as the tech giant itself has been moving towards the latter.

Now, Feedly has officially transitioned to Google+ login for the web platform and will be expanding the update to Android this week and iOS later this month.

While it’s true that this will be making it easier for people to synchronize their accounts, it’s also making a lot of individuals mad since everyone’s basically obliged to have a Google+ account to log into Feedly.

To that extent, Feedly is also considering other identity choices, which will be rolled out over the next 7 weeks. Thus, soon, people will be able to login into the RSS reader with their Twitter, Facebook or Wordpress accounts.

As mentioned, the feature is not yet ready, but it’ll be implemented in the next few weeks. For now, however, having a Google account sure comes in handy for Feedly users.

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