Feedly Opens Up Its API to All

The Google Reader Replacement wants to create an ecosystem around it

Keeping its earlier promise, Feedly, which has risen as the de facto Google Reader replacement for most people, is now opening up its API to all developers.

In practice, this means that apps will be able to make use of the Feedly Cloud to sync feeds and go way beyond what the regular Feedly client offers.

"In our efforts to evolve feedly from a product to a platform, we have therefore decided to open up the feedly API. Effective immediately, developers are welcome to deliver new applications, experiences, and innovations via the feedly cloud," Feedly announced.

Feedly is relying on what is perhaps the most valuable part of a news reader (which is all the data it has on you) to build its third-party app network.

Google never realized the potential of an app that knows exactly what you want and what you like based on what you subscribe to and read.

But Feedly hopes that the personalization graph it creates for you will be useful in a lot more contexts than just in news reader apps. Time will tell if that is true.

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