Facebook to Be Included in the Nasdaq 100, a Sign of Stock Price Stability

Facebook shares have been on the rise recently, after many months of decline

Facebook stock is hardly typical and its ups and downs are not exactly what companies or investors like to see in a publicly traded company. The hysteria seems to have died down and Facebook share price is finally on the rise. That said, it's not rock solid by any means.

Still, Nasdaq, where Facebook is listed, now wants to put the company on its Nasdaq 100 list. The index represents local US, non-financial companies on the Nasdaq.

Facebook will be replacing Infosys, which is moving over to the New York Stock Exchange. Facebook will be included in the NASDAQ-100 Index, NASDAQ-100 Equal Weighted Index and the NASDAQ-100 Technology Sector Index  starting December 12.

Facebook is trading at $27.46 and it's been on the rise for the past month or so. This after a long period of losing value.

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