Facebook's UK Mobile Usage Grows 22%

Vacation time is doing wonders for Facebook's mobile usage

Facebook users from the United Kingdom are using their mobile apps more and more these days, the company announced.

Compared with last year’s results, the mobile Facebook usage has grown by 22 percent since June last year, which means that their efforts to promote their mobile app is more effective, The Next Web reports.

Facebook says the average user now logs in 10 to 15 times a day, the number being most likely boosted by the number of people going on holiday.

“When we go on holiday, we take a break from our PCs and TVs, but we take Facebook with us to stay connected. New stats show that people open the Facebook app 10-15 times per day, sharing 4,75 billion content items daily,” Facebook says.

The numbers are looking up for the entire globe. The company states the number of users using a mobile device has grown to 751 million, 54 percent over last year.

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