Facebook's Trending Topics Experiment Lands on the Web

The social network is taking on Twitter to stop its growth

It looks like Facebook is doubling down on its trends experiment and pushing the feature to the desktop as well. It's still testing the idea, so most people won't see the new Trending section, but it's becoming clear that the social network is leading up to a bigger launch and not just toying with an idea.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some users are spotting the new feature. Facebook has confirmed the experiment as well.

The Tending section, which is displayed in the right sidebar, lists the hottest topics of the moment, globally though; presumably, custom local trends will also be available.

"We are running a small test of a unit on News Feed," Facebook explained. "Right now it only available to a small percentage of US users and it is still in the early stages of development."

Facebook wants more conversations to happen on the site and wants people to be more engaged with global topics, to hopefully put a damper on Twitter's growth.

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