600,000 People Vote on Facebook's Privacy Policy Changes, Only 299,400,000 to Go

Few people are interested in the Facebook policy changes

For the past few days, Facebook has been asking all of its users to vote on some of the proposed changes to its two main policy documents, the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and its Data Use Policy.

The changes cover things like the ability to share data between Instagram, or any other company it may acquire, and Facebook, or some clearer language regarding ads.

The big change though covers this very process, whether Facebook has to put changes like this to the vote in the future. It's not as a bad as it may seem at first sight, the process hasn't worked. It's been only used once and it resulted in abysmal voter turnout.

Things aren't going any better this time around, after almost a week of voting, there have been fewer than 600,000 votes. Over 500,000 of those are in favor of keeping the old documents, i.e. they oppose the changes.

But Facebook needs 30 percent of the users to vote for their decision to be binding. With a couple of days of voting left and 299,500,000 people still to vote, it's obvious this won't happen.

This is the big reason why Facebook wants to change the process, it doesn't work. Instead, Facebook plans to offer other ways for those interested in the policies to make their voices heard and get in touch with Facebook directly.

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