Facebook’s Privacy Controls Get a Much Needed Revamp, Better App Permissions as Well

Facebook is making its privacy controls more human-readable

Facebook's privacy practices and its privacy controls have never been praised as user-friendly. But things are changing; Facebook wants people more in control of their privacy. It doesn't really matter whether it really wants to or was forced into it, the changes look good.

For one, Google is revamping the privacy controls themselves, starting with how you access them. There's going to be a lock icon in the top toolbar leading to a FAQ of sorts.

The top three questions (presumably) that people ask are listed – "Who can see my stuff?"; "Who can contact me?"; "How do I stop someone from bothering me?", leading users directly to the things they were looking for.

The second big change is a new app permissions flow. App permissions are another big thing that Facebook, but not only, needs to fix and it seems to be taking steps in the right direction.

The permissions process is split in two, one dialog for reading data and one for writing. For example, if an app needs to access your info it needs to ask for your permission to do that. But if it also wants to post to your Timeline, it needs to ask for permission for that too.


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