Facebook’s New “Audience Network” Will Serve Mobile Users Ads Without Damaging Privacy

Facebook has found a way to deliver targeted apps to mobile users

Facebook is launching a new ad network dubbed “Audience Network,” as the company announced at the F8 developer conference.

The new system should help developers and publishers serve targeted ads in their apps based on a user’s Facebook activity. This means that if you liked a particular TV show on Facebook, for instance, the producing company will serve you ads for the show in a partner app.

Before you go off screaming about your privacy, swearing to be done with the social network, you should know that Facebook will not be sharing any personal information with third parties. Instead, it has chosen to use the unique identifier on a mobile device.

Therefore, the system will work as follows. If you are signed in on Facebook on a mobile device, that particular gadget will provide a unique identifier number with the social network.

When you launch an app that is part of the Audience Network on the same device, Facebook will deliver the device’s identifier number and you will receive the targeted apps. No mess, no fuss and no lost privacy on your part; at least no more than under normal circumstances, considering how much information you share with Facebook.

All in all, this seems to be a win-win situation for Facebook and advertisers.

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