Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Makes $500 Million, €377 Million Donation

Zuckerberg joined Bill Gates' Giving Pledge and will give away most of his fortune

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg isn't a popular fellow and his portrayal in the Social Network didn't help his cause. The fact is, he isn't relatable to the average Joe, but that's because the average Joe doesn't build a business worth tens of billions of dollars from the ground up before he's 30.

Yet, this same business wonderkid could become the biggest philanthropist of all time, again, if only because he started so early.

He's already made several big pledges, but his latest dwarfs any of them and is one of the biggest donations ever made by a single individual on this planet.

He has now pledged [PDF] to give away 18 million shares which are worth about $500 million, €377 million at Facebook's current share price, to the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

The non-profit isn't a charity in itself, rather it's more of a consulting charity as it will help Zuckerberg find suitable targets for the $500 million he wants to give away.

He has already made a $100 million, €75 million donation to Newark schools in 2010. He also joined Bill Gates' Giving Pledge, which means Zuckerberg vows to give away most of his wealth shortly by the time of his death.

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