Facebook Wraps Up 2013 with an Extra $1.5 Billion in Its Pockets

The company's profit was substantial in 2013, data reveals

Facebook has come a long way, data reveals, as the company has published its earnings report for the last quarter of 2013. More than half of its advertising revenues came from mobile devices.

Facebook’s revenue for the year’s fourth quarter rose 63 percent to $2.59 billion (€1.9 billion), while the net income grew eight times to $523 million (€384.7 million), from $64 million (€47.08 million) the year before.

Out of this, revenue from advertising was $2.34 billion (€1.72 billion), mobile advertising accounting for 53 percent of this sum.

Overall, in 2013, Facebook reported a profit of $1.5 billion (€1.1 billion) and a total income of $7.87 billion (€5.79 billion), an increase of 55 percent.

The number of users of the platform also grew in the last three months of 2013, up to 1.23 billion monthly users.

The number itself is incredibly impressive, but perhaps even more noteworthy is the fact that 757 million people visit the site on a daily basis.

Moreover, nearly 77 percent of Facebook’s total number of monthly users access the service by using a mobile device.

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