Facebook Will Kill Off Sponsored Results in July

The company has decided to pull the plug on Sponsored Results

Facebook is getting ready to kill the Sponsored Results in the coming month.

These ads have appeared alongside brands, groups and mostly in searches since August 2012, Engadget reports.

However, Facebook has decided to finally cut the program after noticing that marketers were using Sponsored Results and mobile app install ads pretty much in the same manner.

Businesses will still have the latter tool at their disposal to add to the other promotion methods, such as post links ads.

The power will be cut off for Sponsored Results in July, so there’s not much time left until the deadline.

According to estimates, Facebook’s revenue from mobile ads will reach $2 billion (€1.5 billion) by the end of the year, which is an impressive growth since the company only introduced this advertising method in 2012.

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