Facebook Was the Most Popular App of 2012, Overtaking Google Maps After Apple iOS 6

Facebook is the most used mobile app in the US, 85.5 million people in December

The fast switch towards mobile devices has left most of the big web players struggling to react. While Google, Facebook and everyone else made the switch as well and their apps are some of the most popular around, there still seems to be perceived problem and these companies aren't seen as "mobile" yet.

That's mostly down to one thing and one thing alone, neither Google, nor Facebook are making the same money on mobile devices that they do on the desktop.

Yet, both are dominating the mobile space. Facebook managed to become the most popular app of 2012 in the US, in terms of monthly users, overtaking Google Maps after Apple decided to build its own maps app. That's according to comScore numbers.

Below Facebook, which ended 2012 with 85.5 million users in the US, Google dominates with Maps - 74.6 million, Play - 61 million, Search - 60.5 million, Gmail - 54 million and YouTube - 52.5 million.

Google Maps was actually the top app up until September when iOS 6 came out without Maps built in. It started growing again when the iOS app came out, but it's still has some way to go before it matches its previous numbers.


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