Facebook Wants to Know What You're Thankful For

The site is running a custom status update message, like it did for Halloween

America's favorite eating holiday is cause for celebration to American websites. Google and Bing didn't miss out on the occasion, but neither did Facebook.

Some users, many of those in the US, saw a custom message in the status update box, as opposed to the customary "what's on your mind?"

Instead, users saw a "what are you thankful for" message. It's a cute touch, but also one that probably spurred a lot of people to post the things they were thankful for.

Facebook is always interested in getting people more involved with the site and small changes like this can have a big effect.

It's not the first time Facebook did this either; for Halloween, the site had several custom messages such as "What are your favorite scary movies?" or "What are the best Halloween costumes this year?"

Incidentally, that's an easy question to answer, it's the Gangnam Style costume, of course.

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