Facebook Users Get $20 Million in Sponsored Stories Lawsuit

Facebook will pay users that showed up in these ads

A lawsuit over Sponsored Stories, ads which feature actual users that have liked whatever product is being advertised, has been settled with the judge presiding the case accepting the $20 million, €15.25 million sum set aside to pay damages and the lawyers.

A previous version of the settlement put aside $10 million, €7.62 million for the users and $10 million for the lawyers.

The judge asked for more details on how the damages award was calculated and did not approve the deal. The parties have now come up with a new deal which seems to satisfy the judge.

Facebook will still pay $20 million, but this time, most of them will actually go the users. Lawyers will also get a cut, to be decided at a later date.

Users from the US that appeared in this type of ads are entitled to damages of up to $10, €7.62. The sum may be smaller if more than two million people register for it, the $20 million will be divided equally to all those affected.

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