Facebook Tests Out Graph Search for Mobile Users Bloomberg

Graph Search isn't available to all Facebook users, but the company's testing it on mobile

Facebook has been testing out a way for users to search through their friends’ old posts through an extension of the Graph Search introduced last year.

Bloomberg reports that the feature is being tested on mobile devices right now and makes it possible for users not only to locate things their friends have said, but also to track down content from pages they follow.

Last year, Facebook introduced the Graph Search to desktops, but the feature did not extend to mobile devices. Mark Zuckerberg has been teasing users about it for a while now, saying back in January that the tool would come soon. August is nearly over, but Facebook seems to have finally delivered on the promise.

There are plenty of concerns regarding people’s privacy that go hand in hand with the Graph Search Feature. That’s because instead of simply indexing people’s names, photos, places and interests in the in-site search feature, the service took up the job of searching through older posts by keywords. That includes private comments and photo captions, notes and check-ins.

This, by itself, turns Graph Search into a rather creepy tool and that’s because people’s content becomes easy to retrieve forever.

While the Graph Search was introduced last September, the company has yet to extend it to all Facebook users, in the US or beyond.

Many believed that the project has been abandoned, but it seems like that’s far from being true since the mobile app is getting the capability too.

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