Facebook Testing Google+ Inspired Version of the Mobile News Feed

Facebook is working on a redesigned mobile feed with a greater emphasis on photos

Facebook is known for many things, but great design is not one of them. Likewise, it's more likely to copy features that others do first than it is to come up with something innovative. For better and for worse, it seems to be working, at least for now.

Facebook's big focus, just like everyone in the industry, is on mobile these days. It has finally realized that it needs great native apps if it wants to thrive, and now it's trying to make them beautiful as well.

While the latest mobile app isn't bad looking, Facebook is working on a version that makes the most out of the small screens, TechCrunch has found.

The way it does this is by using photos to their full length, when possible, very much like many other mobile apps with a feed do, including Google+.

Facebook is testing this version of the news feed with employees for now, but chances are it will be launched for all users sooner or later, possibly even during today's mystery event.

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