Facebook Sued for Monitoring Private Messages

Facebook is being accused of using data from private messages for profit

Facebook is getting sued for monitoring users’ private messages with the purpose of gathering consumer data for marketers.

The lawsuit was filed in San Jose, California, on Thursday. Facebook is accused of tracing the contents of users’ private messages, including links to other websites in order to improve its marketing algorithms and increase profit, the LA Times reports.

The social network said that there was no merit to the allegation and that it would defend itself “vigorously.”

The case was filed by two plaintiffs who are seeking a class action on behalf of all Facebook users who have sent or received a private message containing links in the past two years.

The idea that Facebook is engaging in this practice isn’t exactly new. Back in 2012, Hacker News reported that the social network was scanning private messages and converted links into likes. A new study has recently showed that Facebook records everything that users type, including the messages that are not posted.

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