Facebook Stories Highlights the Site's Amazing Human Stories

Some of the most interesting ways people are using the site will end up here

Ironically perhaps, even though it's the largest social network on the planet, Facebook isn't exactly known for its human touch. In fact, the "human" part of the site comes strictly from the people, Facebook itself is just a tool. Perhaps that's how it should be.

But Facebook does want to showcase that it's more than just a site, it's more than just a tool. It's now introducing the Facebook Stories site, which will highlight some of the more amazing or interesting things that happen on Facebook or because of Facebook, centered around a monthly theme.

"The first theme is 'Remembering' and includes the story of Mayank Sharma, a man from New Delhi who lost his memory after contracting meningitis. Sharma rediscovered his friend network with 'People You May Know' on Facebook, helping him to recover some of the experiences he lost," Facebook explained.

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