Facebook Starts Working on First Data Center with Rapid Deployment Design

The company's new design for data centers should allow for a fast and easy assembly

Facebook has big plans now, namely to build the first data center that uses a brand new design called “rapid deployment data center” (RDDC).

This is the company’s most efficient method to build a data center, and the Internet giant takes pride in it.

Facebook’s new project will be located in a building the company already has in Luleå, Sweden, where it built its first international data center.

The social media giant says that the new design will help it construct and deploy new capacity twice as fast as it did before, which will also help reduce the amount of material used during construction.

This new tactic should help the company deploy a data center in any region of the world in an extremely speedy and cheap manner. The assembly would take place in a controlled environment at ground level, which reduces assembly time.

Furthermore, since the data center is created from pre-manufactured pieces, most of the components can be used interchangeably.

This method should also reduce the amount of time required for heavy equipment to be present on site to put together the data center, which means the impact on the area is also reduced considerably.

The RDDC design Facebook came up will come with assembly instructions and the repeated process of putting together the same project over and over again should give the company an advantage,

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