Facebook Signs Deal with Russian Search Engine Giant Yandex

Facebook public posts from several countries will appear in result pages

Facebook and Yandex, the Russian Internet giant, have come to an agreement that will soon bring Facebook’s public content to search result pages.

According to the announcement coming from Russia’s Google, public content posted by Facebook’s users in Russia and several other Eastern European markets will become available in search result pages on Yandex.

This is another effort to boost the search result pages with some popular topics that are discussed on Facebook.

“The intensity of discussion on any subject in social media is proof of the topic’s relevance, or ‘hotness’ if you will. A search engine has to take this into consideration,” reads a blog post made by the Yandex team.

Soon, Facebook posts marked as “public” by users from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Kazakhstan will appear just like any other searchable content on Yandex. As per usual, all private content will remain as such.

Yandex has a similar deal with Twitter, as well as Russian social network vKontakte and various blogging services.

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