Facebook Shares Break Through $30, €23 Record Price Not Seen Since July

Investors have faith in Facebook agai, but it remains to be seen whether it stays that way

Facebook stock is doing great, after tanking for several months in a row, it seems that investors are finally having some faith in the company.

Ahead of a mystery reveal next week, which Facebook announced a few days back, interest is high and Facebook stock shot above $30, €23 for the first time since July.

In fact, it ended the trading day at $30.59, €23.35 . In after-hours trading it shot up to $30.75, €23.47.

Of course, the share price could just as easily go down from now on and it seems more like a temporary boost, but it's good news for Facebook nonetheless.

Facebook stocked opened at $45, €34.35 in May and quickly tanked. It went down as low as $17.55, €13.39 before starting to recover. Its Q4 financial report should be the catalyst that solidifies the growth or, if it's a bad one, makes investors lose faith again.

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