Facebook Share Price Peaks at a 4-Month High, May Finally Be Governed by Reason

Price is on the rise, with no big event to explain it

Facebook stock price is finally on the rise and this time without any artificial factors or big news. Facebook stock price closed at $24.32 / €18.93 a four-month high. While still nowhere near the opening price, this rise hasn't been driven by anything other than faith in the company.

The latest big spike was right after Facebook's promising third-quarter financial results, but the price started going down after that.

With several more big lockups expiring, meaning more and more people able to sell their Facebook shares, the share price went down.

Now, with the last big lockup expiration date behind it, Facebook share price is slowly rising. Well, not so slowly in some cases – it did see a 5.28 percent jump yesterday.

That big a rise is a clear sign of volatility and the price could still go either way. But it's quite possible that Facebook share price will finally be governed by facts rather than the herd mentality.

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