Facebook Said to Be Working on Location Tracking App to Keep Tabs on Users

Facebook would be on par with Google and Apple who both have the capability

Facebook already knows more about you than just about anyone else, including yourself. But other companies, notably Google, still have access to info Facebook can't get, location data for example.

Google Maps includes a feature that enables the company to keep track of its users wherever they go.

Facebook is said to be working on precisely that, a location app that will work in the background as well providing Facebook with updates on your current location.

The idea is to make it easy to keep in touch with friends who are nearby, get offers, find out about new places and so on. It's nothing that has been the promise of every location app for years now, including Facebook's own ill-fated attempts.

This time it's going to be different, apparently. The app is being built by teams from Glancee, a location startup acquired last year, and Gowalla a one-time Foursquare competitor, Bloomberg says. It's supposed to go live next month.

An app like this would put Facebook on par with Google and Apple, which can already get this info. It's unclear though whether anyone will use the app and what the app actually offers to users.

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