Facebook Reinstates Your Posts Will be Used to Advertise to Your Friends

Data on Facebook is much more exposed with the new policy

Facebook has finally changed its policy this week, after proposing the modifications several weeks ago. One of the big things in the company’s new policy reinstates that whatever you post on the platform and other personal data can be used for advertising.

And while teenagers get slightly more protection following a general outcry this summer, the rest of us are sitting ducks.

The company is pushing users to share more data while also making all information a lot easier to locate through its graph search tool. It’s true that when it comes to the usefulness of the platform, the idea is a good one since it will now be possible to find out what others believe of a certain bar or restaurant, the data is still out there in the open.

Furthermore, the sponsored stories will continue to use your friends’ posts about a certain company’s products to get your attention in the side bars. A similar feature has already received bad reviews for Google a few weeks back.

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