Facebook Really Wants to Know What You're Feeling, Reading or Drinking

It's now testing a new "drop-down" status composer to make it even easier to say anything

Facebook wants you to share, to share what you're thinking of, what you're eating, what you're watching, it doesn't really matter as long as you do it on Facebook.

It's now testing a new status composer that, ultimately, is designed to get you to share more.

The new composer makes it easier to post something by offering starting points such as "feeling," "reading" or "drinking."

Instead of typing something to post or, indeed, even thinking about what you want to post, you can simply select from the drop-down list and have it filled in for you.

There are a couple of advantages though, if you select a movie or band, you'll also get a link to the page of that movie or band next to your post.

Depending on how well the new composer does, you should be seeing it on your own profile soon enough.

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