Facebook Privacy Policy Vote Ends with 0.223 Percent Turnout

Very few people cared about the vote and the whole process will be nixed

As expected, the Facebook vote to decide the future of the site's two main policy documents didn't get too much attention. Some 670,000 people voted, but Facebook needed 300 million for the vote to count.

What this means is that Facebook will very likely drop the vote process and implement the other methods for gathering feedback it talked about.

It also means that it will implement the changes in the documents as planned. Facebook may still change its mind and only implement some of the proposed changes, but it's unlikely.

Most of the people that did vote were in favor of keeping the old documents and the vote process. Still, 80,000 favored the new ones.

Facebook will announce the results of the vote soon enough. Some are decrying this as the end of the Facebook "democracy," but that's misleading to say the least.

There was never a democracy to begin with, Facebook is a private company and can do as it pleases. The voting process was introduced to give users a voice, but no one used it.

Facebook could have done more to advertise the vote, put it on everyone's news feeds for example, but it still wouldn't have gotten 300 million votes.

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