Toilets Are Like Facebook - Facebook's First Ever Parody Ad

Facebook's first ever ad gets the parody treatment

Facebook's first foray into advertising, i.e. advertising itself, wasn't exactly a smash hit, but at least it got everyone to talk about it, which is kind of the point of ads in the first place.

The chairs ad didn't get as much ridicule as Clint Eastwood's empty chair hijinks a few weeks back, but it got its own parody video.

Granted, that's not much of an achievement, these days, parody videos get their own parody videos.

The Facebook one is actually pretty good, it gets the core idea of the Facebook ad and twists it around to make fun of both the ad and Facebook itself.

Facebook's ad is about chairs, the parody is about toilets and why they're like Facebook. This type of parody writes itself. You can check out the parody above and the original ad here.

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