Facebook Now Most Popular in Asia, Overtaking Europe and North America

Facebook is still only used by a small number of people in Asia

Facebook is now the most popular in Asia as it has now become the continent with most users on the site. That said, the competition is strong, Asia just managed to overtake Europe, by a slim margin, and is only slightly ahead of North America.

In fact, the more surprising thing is how close the three continents are. Socialbakers latest data shows that there are over 242 million users in Asia, which includes the Middle East.

But there are 241 million in Europe too, so the fight is far from settled. Still, Facebook's used by only 6.26 percent of the Asian internet users, so it still has a lot of room to grow. Granted, Asia's biggest market, the world's biggest market actually, is China, where Facebook is banned.

In Europe, there are 241 million users, but 29.72 percent of people with internet access have a Facebook account. It's even worse (or better) in North America, 44.64 percent of internet connected people have Facebook, for a total of some 236 million users.

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