Facebook Now Has 1 Million Advertisers

The social network is a good platform for small businesses to promote themselves

Facebook has become much more than a social network, particularly an efficient advertising platform. The company announces that it has reached one million active advertisers.

Dan Levy, Facebook director of small business, said that he would like to thank “the over one million businesses” who are active advertisers on the social network.

As The Next Web reports, Facebook has reached 1.2 billion connections between people and local businesses in the European Union as of April 2013. 295 million of these come from the United Kingdom.

According to Facebook data, 61 percent of its monthly active users in the European Union are connected to a local business page.

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a new initiative to simplify its advertising products, basically halving its ad units by the end of the year.

They said that the decision came after they analyzed the feedback received from marketers, which helped them understand that the system was too complicated and the products they offered were redundant.

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