Facebook Needs You to Vote on Whether You Can Vote in the Future

Facebook wants to change its privacy policy and it needs your vote

Facebook is asking its users to vote on the proposed changes to its two big policy documents, the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and its Data Use Policy.

One of the big changes to these documents is the elimination of votes like this since they're very unlikely to meet the required turnout.

Other changes include the ability to share data between Facebook and the companies it buys, like Instagram. There are also some other changes and clarified wording on some issues.

Currently, Facebook has to put any proposed change that gets over 7,000 comments to a vote.

As you can imagine, any change to the Facebook policies is going to trigger 7,000 votes. But in the vote, 30 percent of users have to express their views for it to count.

That means that this vote needs 300 million people for the results to be binding. Which is precisely why Facebook wants to do away with the rule.

The voting period has started and will end on December 10 at 8:00PM GMT. You can place your vote here.

Close to 29,000 people want the current documents to be kept, 3,000 prefer the updated ones, as of now. That's shy of 32,000 votes so far, only 299,968,000 votes to go.


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