Facebook Moves Up to Become the Fourth Largest Video Site in the US

But YouTube still dominates the market with a huge lead

It seems that a lot of people watched less online videos in February, for the second month in a row. 2 million less people watched a video in the US last month, 179 million down from 181 million, but they also watched less, down from almost 40 billion views to 37.8 billion.

The drop seems to have affected YouTube in particular as it saw a significant drop in views, almost two billion, accounting for pretty much all the drop in February.

"Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at YouTube.com, ranked as the top online video content property in February with 147.4 million unique viewers, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 60.9 million, VEVO with 52 million," comScore explained.

Facebook has moved up a notch to become the fourth largest video site in the US, in terms of visitors, but it's got a very slight lead; what's more, it's actually down by two million visitors in February.

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