Facebook Is Reportedly Looking to Hire Editors for News App Paper

New reports indicate that Facebook is getting closer to launching its new app

Facebook is reportedly looking to hire new people that are supposed to handle putting together the list of articles that will get delivered via Paper, the yet-unreleased news aggregation app.

According to Re/code, two people familiar with the matter said that the company was looking to hire editors to staff up Paper. The new app is supposed to let humans decide which news stories are important, instead of their regular algorithms.

The editors are supposed to create a mix of the best stories in a particular subject area over a range of topics. These will then be delivered to users of Paper once the app is finally released.

This not-so-secret project that Facebook has been working on has yet to be confirmed by the company, but talks that the company is looking to launch an RSS reader-like tool have been going on for the better part of a year and intensified when Google shut down Reader.

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