Facebook Is Looking to Drop the Two-Column Timeline

A redesigned one column timeline is in the works and in testing

The holidays are just around the corner, but Facebook doesn't seem to be taking much of a break. It's been rolling out a couple of new features and experimenting with several more.

Apart from the drag and drop photo uploads, some users are also seeing a redesigned timeline which fixes the one big criticism people had of the original layout, the two columns.

The new timeline in testing will have just one column for the posts. There will be a second column though with more static info, things like your friends, activity, photos and so on, all of the things now available via the top thumbnails.

Facebook's been working on a single-column timeline for a while now, but this version seems to be the most advanced. It's also a complete redesign of the profile page, it's not just the timeline that's tweaked.

The name is placed above the cover photo, the avatar image is smaller, the follower count is now exact, 203,821 followers as opposed to something like 203k, for example.

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