Facebook Graph Search's First Major Upgrade Adds Posts and Status Updates

It's now possible to search through more content on the site

Facebook is expanding its Graph Search and going beyond the initial scope to now include posts and status updates in search results. This makes it possible to search through all of your friends' posts, even if they are just a check-in or a photo and so on. The feature also works for any public post as well.

"Search for the topics you're interested in and see what your friends are saying, like 'Dancing with the Stars' or 'Posts about Dancing with the Stars by my friends'," Facebook explained.

"Search for posts about a city, place or from a certain time, such as 'Posts by my friends from last month', 'Posts written at The White House'," it added.

Graph Search, which launched in January this year, only included photos, places, and the interests of users at first. This is the first expansion into more content. The new features will only be available to some US users for the time being, but once all the kinks are worked out, the new search capabilities will be expanded to everyone using English.

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