Facebook Gets a Quarter of Total Time Spent in Apps, More than All Google Apps Together

Most people buy a smartphone just to use Facebook

Facebook is the most popular app in the mobile space, at least in terms of monthly users, but what's even more surprising is how much time people spend on it. The same is true for the Facebook site, it has the biggest engagement of all the big sites, but the difference between Facebook and everything else is daunting, at least in the US.

A whopping 23 percent of all time spent on apps in the US is spent on Facebook, that's almost a quarter of the time.

That number alone and the fact that Facebook is the most popular app already should put more weight behind rumors of a Facebook Phone, a Facebook mobile OS or anything in between.

What's more, the second most used app is Instagram which, again, should give you an idea of why Facebook wanted to buy it in the first place, the first two apps in the US belong to Facebook.

Google isn't doing so bad itself, but the usage is spread out across more apps Gmail gets a 3 percent slice, YouTube as well, Maps has 2 percent, Play has 1 percent, Search has 1 percent and all other Google apps 1 percent, for a total of 14 percent.

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