Facebook Gets Rid of the Teddy Bears in Its Gift Shop

The company will focus only on digital gifts and its Gift Card program

It didn't take long for Facebook's latest "bright" idea to fizzle, the company is already moving away from physical items sold in its gift shop.

Less than a year ago, Facebook announced a revamped gift shop which would allow users to do more than just post a comment on someone's birthday.

This was the second time the site was trying to build a gift store and it seems it met the same fate as the first one.

Granted, the Facebook Gift store isn't being shut down, rather, it's being repurposed by focusing it on the things that actually worked and sold well.

Physical products, like teddy bears, are out, but digital gifts will still be available. Likewise, Facebook is doubling down on the facebook Gift Card which can be redeemed at a number of stores.

The Gift Card comes with pre-filled with a set amount of money, but can be recharged remotely with more credit.

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