Facebook Flaw Makes It Impossible for Users to Revoke App Permissions on Mobile

If you used Facebook connect, chances are you won't be able to revoke access to the app

It’s not uncommon to discover that the tools you use quite often have security flaws. This time, Facebook's the one with the vulnerability.

The flaw is apparently stopping mobile users from disconnecting mobile apps connected to the social network. This means that if you allowed the app to access your information on Facebook, you won’t be able to revoke those rights on your mobile device.

MyPermissions, a startup that helps users track which apps that connect to your account have access to personal information, is the one that discovered the security issues.

“Think about it like this: you download an app that promises to do one thing, but actually comes from a hacker who wants to seriously invade your privacy by mining your data. Given the right coding, this developer could trigger the same effect, basically making it impossible for a user to disconnect this malware app and revoke its permission to access your personal information,” reads a blog post.

Facebook has been notified of the problem and is reportedly already working on fixing the program with Connect.

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