Facebook Buys Parse, a Mobile App Development Tool

The social network is expanding its influence in the mobile world

Facebook has bought Parse, a service that allows developers to build mobile apps for several platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows, and mobile web.

While the social network refused to give any details regarding the actual purchase, estimates place the acquisition at $85 million (€65 million).

“By making Parse a part of Facebook Platform, we want to enable developers to rapidly builds apps that span mobile platforms and devices,” Facebook’s Director of Product Management, Doug Purdy, said.

He continued by saying that Parse allows developers to work with native objects that provide backend services for data storage, notifications, user management, and more.

Parse was born two years ago and already powers tens of thousands of mobile apps. Customers include Cisco, Deloitte, and even the Food Network.

The company has raised $7 million (€5.3 million) from companies such as Google Ventures, SV Angel, and Ignition Partners.

The new purchase seems to be in line with the company’s recent effort to be more present in the mobile world.

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