Facebook App Messages Will Sound Less Robotic from Now On

Facebook is making it possible for developers to create more flexible sentences

Most people haven't returned to work after the holidays and even if they did, they're not too keen to actually start doing something.

But at least someone at Facebook isn't sitting idly by, or maybe they're just now finishing work that was supposed to be done by the holidays.

Whatever the case, Facebook is now making it possible for developers to create more detailed messages for app actions. Specifically, they can go beyond the simple "name + verb + thing + app" formula for a more natural sentence.

"Today we're launching flexible sentences, an advanced feature that lets you modify sentence structure and build richer stories," Facebook explained. "In certain instances, the default sentence structure may be awkward or lack context," it added.

The ultimate goal is to get more people to use the Facebook apps and, for Facebook itself, to make the feed even more relevant for apps and users alike.

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