Facebook Adds Voice Calls to Messenger on Mobile Devices

Facebook is experimenting with VoIP calls and "push to talk" voice messages

Facebook is making some updates to its Messenger app and is adding voice capabilities and even voice calls in some cases. For one, users will now be able to record voice messages to send to friends.

There are already a couple of apps that do this, but Facebook has the scale to push the feature to a lot of people. The updated Messenger app is already in the App Store and the Play Store.

But Facebook is also testing VoIP calls, over WiFi and data connections, in Canada. Canadian users will be able to call each other, for free, from within the Messenger app.

This has the potential to be big. There are plenty of VoIP services out there, but none has the scale of Facebook. Likewise, none of their apps is as popular as Messenger.

Facebook experiments with plenty of things and quite a few of its new products or features end up failing.

There's no guarantee that Facebook will be a big player in voice communication or that it even wants to be. But the potential is there.


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