FCC Denies Hackers Took the Site Down Last Week

Instead, they insist the crash can be tracked back to John Oliver's show on net neutrality

The FCC’s site went down last week, and despite what everyone thought, the group denies that it was a hacker attack that affected the site.

The Federal Communications Commission’s old comment system is what likely caused the downtime that lasted for hours last week. As it is already known, a segment from John Oliver’s new HBO series on the topic of net neutrality can be traced back as the origin for the flood of visitors to FCC’s site.

During the show, Oliver explained in layman’s terms just why net neutrality was and why it was important to protect it and make it a reality. At the end, he invited people to contact the FCC, since the controversial new set of rules was open for public comment for a few months.

“We do not have evidence to suggest it was a malicious attack or a nefarious activity,” the FCC told The Verge. Instead, the system is so old that it couldn’t take the amount of comments it received in such a short amount of time, which led to the crash.

Motherboard claims otherwise, however, saying that an insider actually confirmed that a sustained attack took the site down, and not infrastructure issues.

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