ExtraTorrent, SumoTorrents and MisterTorrents Lose Domains

Following an action of the London police, the three sites have lost their domains

Several more torrent sites have been targeted by the City of London Police and the registrar has been asked to suspend their domains – SumoTorrents and MisterTorrent, while ExtraTorrent had its .com domain suspended.

The UK police have been fighting against piracy for some time now, but they’ve certainly upped their game this year, as they started working with rightsholders. Many sites have already fallen following their actions and more could likely do the same soon.

The domain registrars received letters from the police warning that the sites may be infringing copyright.

“The owners of the aforementioned domains are suspected to be involved in the criminal distribution of copyrighted material either directly or indirectly and are liable to prosecution under UK law for the following offences: Conspiracy to Defraud, Offences under the Fraud Act 2006, Copyright, Design & Patents Act 1988,” the letter reads.

Furthermore, the letter states that should conviction be brought for the offences mentioned in the letter, UK courts may impose sentences of imprisonment or fines.

As TorrentFreak points out, the letters make no reference to an active court order requiring the registrars to take any kind of action, although they do point out the obligations the registrars have.

Following the letters, however, several torrent sites have already gone dark.

SumoTorrent.com is no longer available, although the site moved on to SumoTorrent.sx. MisterTorrent.me and ExtraTorrent.com have also been suspended. The latter is actually the biggest casualty of the three, since it has millions of visitors each day.

Over the past several weeks, another torrent sites has gone dark, although various proxies to it continue to work, namely H33t.eu, who had just moved to the domain after its .com domain was suspended.

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