Ex Mexican President Allowed US to Run Surveillance Programs

The two countries are said to have signed a pact back in 2007

A former Mexican president, Felipe Calderon, has reportedly given the United States the green light to spy on the country’s citizens.

According to Mexican publication Excelsior, the previous government had struck a deal with the United States in 2007.

The report indicates that former president allowed the construction of a facility to tap phone calls and monitor emails, while Verint Systems, a company that creates surveillance technology, sold the US authorities a number of machines that were installed for this purpose.

Apparently, in the beginning, the facility aimed to deter and prevent widespread criminal activity in Mexico, such as drug trafficking and terrorism.

The country’s Congress has already demanded an investigation on the issue, which will almost certainly take place in the near future.

This past week, documents leaked by Edward Snowden indicated that the United States had been concentrating some of its efforts on South American countries. Brazil and Mexico were the top two countries where they collected data.

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