Evernote Can Now Save Gmail Messages Including Attachments

The Chrome Web Clipper works directly in Gmail now

With the latest update to the Evernote Chrome extension, it is now possible to save Gmail messages, including all attachments, straight to Evernote without any hassle.

The addition isn't a major one, but it should make working with email in the Google product a lot easier.

"The trouble with email is that with thousands of emails in an account, it become incredibly difficult to organize things and find what you need, which is precisely where Evernote excels," Evernote explained.

"Whenever you receive an important email, simply open it and click on the Web Clipper. The email, along with any attached files, will be saved to Evernote," it added.

Once it's in Evernote, you can access and find it quite fast, and the messages and particularly the attachments become much easier to manage.

Evernote Premium users also get a special perk, namely the ability to search inside some attachments. Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and any PDF file will become searchable from Evernote.

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