Eric Schmidt, Google: European Ruling Strikes Wrong Balance

Google isn't happy about the decision from the European Court of Justice

Earlier this week, the European Court of Justice reached a controversial decision that ordered Google to take down links leading to information that had become irrelevant.

The decision “strikes the wrong balance,” believes Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt. “Google believes, having looked at the decision – which is binding – that the balance that was struck was wrong,” he said during a meeting with stockholders when asked about the decision.

He is referring here to the balance between the right to be forgotten and the right to know.

Furthermore, David Drummond, Google senior vice president of corporate development and chief legal officer, added that the company thinks the European decision went too far, and didn’t consider the extent of the impact it would have on the freedom of expression, which is a human right.

According to the decision from the European Court of Justice, the company has to remove links to information that has become irrelevant. The matter came after a man from Spain wanted Google to remove two links that damaged his image regarding a matter from 1998, which he considered to be a thing of the past.

Basically, now anyone who wants data regarding them removed from the search engine, which simply aggregates links from other sources, has to petition Google and if the search engine refuses, they can take the matter to the authorities who will decide whether or not Google has to comply.

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