Enter the Konami Code on the Chromebook Pixel, See What Happens

Google is quite fond of Easter Eggs, even on its top-of-the-line devices

No one is quite sure who the Chrome Pixel is aimed at, people who want a simple OS for the web, power users who appreciate the quality of the device and are already "living" in the cloud, or someone else.

But it's safe to say that Google is targeting the more tech-savvy crowd with the exquisite but expensive device.

The type of people who might appreciate a crafty Easter Egg when they see one. Google is no stranger to Easter Eggs; there are quite a few in Chrome OS already.

With the Pixel, Google went with a classic, the Konami cheat code, known by every gamer out there: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

Pressing these keys in this order on the Chromebook Pixel will start a wild animation pattern on the LED strip at the top of the lid, as Wired found out and provided the GIF above as proof.

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