Elections, the iPhone 5 and Kim Kardashian Top Yahoo Searches for 2012

This after eliminating searches like "facebook" "facebook.com" "youtube.com" and so on

It's December, so we can pretty much wrap 2012 up . That's the thinking behind all the charts and roundups that have already started showing up, with more to come soon enough. Yahoo takes the lead in the search engine department, publishing the top 10 searches of the year.

There's nothing really surprising about the top, celebrities, gadgets and big events dominated the top as they do each year.

The elections were the most searched for topic in the US, snatching first place, coming ahead of the iPhone 5 – surprising, and ahead of Kim Kardashian – even more surprising.

One thing to take away from this year's top 10 is that being a girl with a name starting with 'K' is a surefire way at being popular.

Kim Kardashian, the "famous for being famous" celebrity, with two K initials, gets the third spot. Kate Upton has to settle for fourth and Kate Middleton for fourth. Last year, Katy Perry was in fourth place, confirming the rule.

Note though that the chart is "rigged," if it weren’t it would be dominated by searches for Facebook, Faceboo.com, YouTube, YouTube.com and so on and so forth.

The full top 10:

1 Election2 iPhone 53 Kim Kardashian4 Kate Upton5 Kate Middleton6 Whitney Houston7 Olympics8 Political polls9 Lindsay Lohan10 Jennifer Lopez

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